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Are you tired of all those skin care and hair care products that have SO MANY chemicals?

Shea Blends Products

shea blends products

Shea Blends products are naturally made for men and women like you who demand 100% natural skin and hair products with NO chemicals. We make Shea Blends products with you in mind. Our products are not only beneficial but aromatic too.

The base for our creams is Shea Butter which has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits. We then blend in natural essential oils which have therapeutic benefits. Today we would like to share with you the benefits of 2 of our 13 products.

Results from Healing and Toning Cream

Healing and Toning Cream

Our Healing and Toning Cream is Shea Butter blended with Frankincense and Myrrh oils. Frankincense oil, a skin toner reduces acne, fades dark spots and stretch marks, while myrrh oil slows down signs of aging and soothes dry skin. Our customers who have used our Healing and Toning Cream have seen positive skin results, such as smoothness and fading of black spots.

Results from Scalp Stimulant Cream

Scalp Stimulant

Our Scalp Stimulant is made of Shea Butter blended with Eucalyptus and Jasmine oils. Because Eucalyptus oil stimulates the scalp and Jasmine oil prevents hair breakage, our customers have been encouraged by their hair growth and thickening of their hair around their hairline and in areas where there were bald spots.

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